Panoramic lift

Symax WONDERFUL panoramic lift combines industrial leading technology and cultural aesthetic design, providing passengers with safe and comfortable riding experience and unique view.

Main drive

Main drive

Permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, saving up to 30% energy.

The motor adopts multi-stage short magnetic circuit structure and small span concentrated winding, thus featuring by low amplitude, low heat and high efficiency.

Adopt unique electromagnetic design technology, reducing the shaft current, dramatically decreasing the bearing failure and improving work efficiency

Adopt cantilever modular structure and high-quality nodular cast iron material, strengthening the stability of the products, effectively reducing the mechanical fatigue of supporting points, improving the bearing capacity of products and increasing the service life by 20%.


The 32-bit computer system adopts intelligent efficient drive, featuring by low energy consumption and high efficiency.

A 32-bit MCU and DSP constitute the operating and driving control unit, and feature total CAN serial communication and high anti-interference capability.

Unique load compensation start technology with unloaded sensors adopts the distance principle to automatically generate the optimal deceleration curve, so as to realize direct stop and increase the efficiency of the lift.

Door system

Door system

VWF intelligent frequency conversion door-motor system improves the operating efficiency of system.

It adopts toothed driving structure and pendulum design to reduce actual load of motor and greatly increase motor' s service life.

It combines with new smart controller to achieve the best operation efficiency of the system.

A detection area formed by infrared beam of highest density (128 beam light curtain) effectively protects the safety of passengers, especially babies and kids within the door opening area.


SYMAX Panoramic lift inherits the design quality of customized lift specialists, i.e. transparent, bright, elegant and beautiful. Its artistic and humanized appearance design and interior decoration give building characters and vitality, adding a beautiful flowing scenery to the lift.

Decoration option

Car ceiling

Optional floor

Landing Door

Handrail options

Armrest options

Customize U + design manufacturing

fashion view, refined internally and externally. Symax adheres to the concept of rapid manufacturing and years of non-standard design makes Symax capable of getting a non-standard scheme within 3-7 days and reducing the manufacturing time by 50%, which greatly improves the manufacturing efficiency and saves resource consumption.

Custom U + construction

Achieve accurate docking between high standard manufacturing and customized design, and meet your requirements without destroying the building structure. Simplified design makes the construction more convenient and cycle shorter.


Design the structure scientifically and precisely according to a standard of 1.5 times stronger than the national standard, so as to make Symax more safe

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