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Canadian brand elevator «SYMAX» from the company Symax lift (Holding) Co., Ltd, which is among one of the 150 largest companies in the world producing elevators, manufacturing safe, comfortable and energy-efficient elevators, escalators, lifts and travallatory.

Today Symax lift (Holding) Co., Ltd is represented by several subsidiaries including Symax Lift (China) Co. Three of the five manufacturing plants located in China and one each in Germany and Canada. The total number of employees more than five thousand people.

"Symax Eurasia" LLC is the official authorized distributor for the Canadian co-brand «SYMAX» on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We offer standardized and individual elevators for residential complexes, commercial elevators, trucks and special purpose, as well as escalators, moving walkways and stair lifts. «SYMAX» focuses on the latest developments for the production of safe, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, cost-effective and high-quality elevators and escalators.

Our main competitive advantage compared to other international brands represented in Kazakhstan:

  • The quality of the brand «SYMAX» is not inferior to other global brands, you will not see the difference
  • The price that we offer you are sure to be lower than that of other competitors, which is an important factor in the crisis and the devaluation of currency
  • We provide delivery and installation of "turnkey" equipment, as well as make the installation of metal, masonry shaft of spliternyh blocks, development and manufacture of individual design, start-up, post-sales service, commissioning bodies MOE, ie the full range of services from design to start-up
  • Aprofessional team of installers with extensive experience
  • Spare parts warehouse
  • Technical support
  • 2year warranty

• Brand «SYMAX» is widely represented in Kazakhstan, in confirmation of these words below privodimspisok objects that are already installed elevators and escalators brand «SYMAX»:


  • Tuberculosis Dispensary, near the station №40 (18 SYMAX units)
  • Residential apartment complex "Altyn Bowl" 23 floors, Turan ave.(9 SYMAX units)
  • Residential apartment complex "Aiken" 9 floors, №188 str., Building 23 (6 SYMAX units)
  • Residential apartment complex "Ak Erke 2", Seifullin str./Kumisbekova str.(6 SYMAX units)
  • Restaurant "Alua", 38 Mustafina str. (3 SYMAX units)
  • 994-apartment residential complex "Infiniti" left bank of the Ishim river, Kabanbay Batyr ave., south of the 19 street (SYMAX units)
  • 391-apartment residential complex "ASI 33/23" left bank of the Ishim river, crossing the street №33 and №23 (SYMAX units)
  • 352-apartment residential complex "Grace" in Astana, the left bank of Ishim river, crossing the street №23 and №32 (единиц SYMAX)
  • Residential apartment complex Kypshak, Kenesary str. (2 SYMAX elevator)


  • Almaty Choreographic School. Seleznev (2 SYMAX elevator)
  • Residential buildings commissioned by the Fund "Samruk-Kazyna" (9 SYMAX elevators)
  • CTC "Almatytelecom" (1 invalid lift SYMAX)
  • Clubhouse De Ville (2 VIP SYMAX elevator)
  • «Eurasia LLP system" Residential apartment complex "Eurasia" (22 lifts, 2 travolator SYMAX)

Other cities in Kazakhstan

  • 10 condominium in Taldykorgan (1 lift SYMAX)
  • Trading house in Ust-Kamenogorsk (2 SYMAX elevator)
  • Restaurant "Vanilla" in Aktobe (1 unit SYMAX)

Also SYMAX of elevators installed or mounted in a moment in Shymkent, Turkestan and Atyrau.

  • Commercial lift

    Commercial lift

    Symax TORONT commercial lifts are specially designed for office buildings and other business environ

  • Panoramic lift

    Panoramic lift

    Symax WONDERFUL panoramic lift combines industrial leading technology and cultural aesthetic design,

  • Hospital lift

    Hospital lift

    Symax GRAVEN SY-B(M) hospital lift provides patients and medical staff with quick and safe vertical

  • Home lift

    Home lift

    Symax SAFE SY-R home lift adopts high-precision worm geared motor or high-efficient and low energy c

  • Freight lift

    Freight lift

    Symax ELEMEN has a rugged design, functional loading and advanced control systems. Designed to meet

  • Escalator and travolater

    Escalator and travolater

    Symax SUCEDER Escalator SY-E / Travolater SY-C perfectly match the individualized designing style an

Among our clients


  • Astana, Syganak st., 10 - 419
  •    + 7 747 111 32 75
  • Alnaty, Shashkin st., 30-41
  •    + 7 700 111 32 75
  • Balkhash, 16 Mira street
  •    + 7 708 111 32 75
  • agent in Karaganda:
  •    +7 707 111 32 75
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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