Puzzle parking

One of the most common solutions - parking puzzle. It is ideal for the operation of the equipment in the conditions of Kazakhstan's climate. Puzzle parking is easy to manage, and integrates seamlessly with the monetization systems.

Puzzle parking

Puzzle parking lot - it's a great solution for parking in residential complexes and urban parks.

Parking puzzle is arranged on the basis of the matrix with a free column (cell) and assumes an independent type of parking due to the movement of vehicles with loading pallets storage level up and down and side to side to release the right cell.

Parking puzzle can be integrated in the building and be a separate structure.

Puzzle parking

The control system pazlovym parking - Hand with remote control unit or PLC, which allows secure parking place for the user.

Parking Puzzle is a simple design, which provides for the possibility of its removal and transfer to a new place.

Puzzle parking - it is an ideal solution in terms of tonnage and value of one parking place.


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